Thank you for considering Second Chance Rent.  We have several pricing options as listed below.  The first fee is used to engage our services to secure you an apartment or home.  Unlike a deposit this is considered a “risk fee”. The risk fee is the same regardless of the size of your rental.  The risk fee is only $300.00 for a 6 month lease and $600.00 for a 12+ month lease. This payment can be broken into installments with that meet your financial needs.  We know that times can be tough and we want to see you in an apartment of your own.


The second fee is a leasing premium.  We will be co-signing your lease and this is your guarantee to us that you will pay your rent on time and for the length of the lease.  The leasing premium is one month’s rent with payments spread over the length of the lease. For example if your monthly rent is $1,200.00 the leasing premium fee would be $100.00 per month.  These fees are used as our insurance should you break the lease for any reason.


We will be co-signing your lease for it’s entire term.  What this means to you is:


  1. You can finally rent the apartment you like.

  2. You begin restoring your credit.

  3. Finally you create a stable rent history.


These are the only fees that we charge. We are taking a risk to help you begin a new life in your new home.


Please click the link below to make your scheduled payment