Q.  Why would I use you?

A.  Second Chance Rent offers a program to the landlord that guarantees your rent so that if you have bad credit or no credit we assist you in getting that apartment.  We only use your income verification for our approval

Q.  How do I get approved?

A.  We use your household gross income as your credit.  Unlike the landlords, we do not check your credit.

Q. Are there fees?

A. You have to pay our service fee as well as all the fees due to the apartment complex.  Our fees are not part of the rent or deposit.  Our fee is for our rental guarantee program.

Q. Do I pay the rent to you every month?

A.   No.  You pay the monthly rent to the landlord

Q. How much are your fees?

A. We charge a process fee of $300 that is broken down into two payments.  The first $150 is due when you engage our services.  The second $150 is due when you get approved for your apartment.The final fee is a Risk Premium that is typically one month’s rent for the rental guarantee program, this payment is broken down and spread over the length of the lease.  We do not require that this be paid upfront.  The fees are listed on the Payments page. These are the only fees paid to us to guarantee your rental payment for the length of the lease. You can pay the fees in a lump sum or monthly payments.