Terms of Service



This agreement between Second Chance Renting, LLC (Housing Consultant) and you, (the client), is a legally binding agreement. Second Chance Renting, LLC agrees to provide consultation to the client wishing to locate second chance housing rental properties, resources, or programs which we consider any rental property and/or program that will consider approving an applicant with negative credit history and to improve their personal credit, finances, knowledge of their credit rights, credit identity theft, choices and options and more. For any efforts to be effective, you (the client) must be truthful and diligent in giving the correct information to Second Chance Renting, LLC. Second Chance Renting, LLC reserves the right to cancel the agreement with any client it believes to be providing false or fraudulent information to us, its creditors or the credit bureaus. The client understands that the sole strategy and service used by Second Chance Renting, LLC to assist our clients with their housing needs. Our service objective is to save our client time and money by taking an upfront and transparent approach in locating rental properties that will consider approving them. The client understands that the Application Fee they are charged is for Second Chance Renting, LLC services; the client understands that Second Chance Renting, LLC does not offer a guaranteed approval at a rental property, and that the approval of the client’s official rental application at their chosen rental property is solely the management company’s or landlord’s decision. The client understands that any third party company, management company, or landlord that may be referred to operate as independent entities and are not directly affiliated with Second Chance Renting, LLC; therefore Second Chance Renting, LLC does not accept any responsibility nor liability for any potential disputes the client may have with outside entities. The client understands that there may be separate risk fee and/or service fees associated with doing business with management companies, landlords, corporate guarantors, and/or third-party companies to secure the approval of a rental property. The client acknowledges and understands that other potential cost and fees beyond Second Chance Renting, LLC may include the application /admin fee paid directly to the management company or landlord, monthly rent and other bills associated with the rental property, any sort of rental property related insurance fee required by the management company, landlord, or corporate guarantor to secure the approval, and any security deposits required by the management company or landlord to secure an approval. The client gives consent for management companies, landlords, corporate guarantors, rental related third-party companies, and Second Chance Renting, LLC to verify and contact their employer, income sources, personal & professional references for verifying submitted details and/or to investigate any potential fraud. The client agrees to be invoiced and pay a $100.00 cancellation and/or convenience fee for the following reasons A. If the client is founded to have committed fraud against Second Chance Renting, LLC or our third party corporate partners. B. If the client breaches and/or unjustly cancels their contract agreement with Second Chance Renting, LLC before the agreed time allotted for services to be fully performed.  The client understands that though this technique increases their chances of locating rental properties that will approve them tremendously Second Chance Renting, LLC makes no guarantee that the client will be officially approved at their chosen rental property, as the final approval decision is solely the selected management company and/or landlord.  

Please note that the agreed upon charge is for one or more of the following services: Initial housing Consultation and rental property file preparation for management companies, property managers, landlords, corporate guarantors; Researching available rental properties and documents; Expertise and Knowledge; Reviewing Credit Reports; data entry; 

By making any payments on this website for services you, (the client) ,understand and agree to its conditions, agree to be truthful with your consultant, understanding that no promises have been made outside this agreement.